Why I switched from being a Seller’s to a Buyer’s Agent

Why I switched from the Darkside!


It has always been a given that the industry was biased and weighted in favour of the seller. Selling Agents are trained in skills that take advantage of the Buyer, push them to pay more and meet the sellers wishes.

Our Principal and inspiration Claudette Swift knows, she was a Selling Agent for 15 years, trained top Selling Agents, managed sales teams and even consulted to other business owners on how to develop and grow and strong Sales Team. As the years went on it became more and more apparent that the Buyer would pay hundreds of thousands of dollars, is making what will likely be the largest purchase of their life and yet does not seek out representation.

Buyer’s go direct to the Selling Agent when they want to buy, thinking they are dealing with a somewhat neutral professional that simply facilitates the sale. It was apparent that Buyers expected Selling Agents to give them advice and guide them through the buying process, which of course they did, however in all aspects of the process they are doing to to be benefit of their client, the Seller. Some Buyers felt they were a match for the Selling Agent, pitting themselves against trained, highly skilled professionals, exposing themselves in details they revealed along the way they were at the mercy of negotiators who work for the opposing party.

It is clearly unbalanced!

As a result, Claudette decided to take the lead, defect from the DARK SIDE and become a Property Buyer’s Agent. It took over a year to deprogram… which is testament to the intensity of the skill and culture that Selling Agent’s work within. Knowing the skills, psychology and techniques buyers are up against, she developed strategies and tactics to counter balance them. There are many very good Selling Agents in the industry, they are our colleagues and friends… but the fact is they work for the Seller. It’s quite simple, if you are selling property then use a good Selling Agent, if you are buying then use an expert from CSBA!!

Money is made on property when buying, not the time of selling. It may look good but is it a good buy? As Independent Property Buyer’s Specialists we are dedicated to ensuring you make the right purchase at the right time. Think about this for a moment – the property decisions you make today will impact EXPONENTIALLY on your future gains.

If you are looking for property in Perth, it is imperative you consider how to get the most out of your hard earned savings, build your equity and buy to maximise your future returns, all while minimising your risk and financial commitment.

The benefits of using a Specialist from CSBA are a well kept secret in Perth, however the number of Buyers seeking the advice of a property expert are rising fast. From the initial preparation for purchase and research period, to negotiation of the final offer, settlement and after, I will support your investment journey every step of the way.

We dedicate 100% of our time researching and understanding Perth’s real estate market, we identify your goals and provide you with the advise, support and services to help you achieve them. We will not only help you to find the perfect property, but one that will likely outperform the average capital growth rate.

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