Why a Buyer Should Not Go Direct To The Selling Agent

BUT… It means you don’t have to pay a fee right?

I have been in real estate for over 20 years… I’m not as old as that makes me sound, it’s just that property has been my career of choice for that long, I enjoy it that much!

Before choosing to become a Buyer’s Agent I was a Selling Agent for many years. I had my own business which I grew to 5 offices and 70 staff, I have been involved in over 3,650 transactions. I trained several award winning top selling agents! I have over the years completed many developments through my own development company and had a finance broking business. I enjoyed that period in my career, it brought many varied experiences. You might ask why I scaled back… around 10 years ago I chose to put my children first. In that time I consulted for other real estate offices advising them how to operate successful real estate businesses, I also held various positions within the industry including WA State Manager of Century 21 . I am pleased I can put all of that experience to good use for my clients. I am still driven, my energy and focus is on a personalized high quality service for Buyers. Making my Buyer’s dreams and goals come to fruition brings me a huge amount of job satisfaction. My Why – I know how heavily disadvantaged Buyers are, my sense of justice is satisfied by balancing the transaction and putting the Buyer in the power position. I enjoy the relationships, putting my knowledge to good use… I love the thrill of negotiations and “winning” for my client.

How my Buyer’s gain more than any fee I could charge you ( Hint – I am not an uber driver!):

  1. Every client has a different objective. Sometimes it is to have a fierce negotiator on your side, make a wise investment or it could be to secure your dream home so the features of a home and the happiness it is going to bring your family is the priority. Why not all 3 at the same time? I spend a lot of time listening to my clients and gathering information. Which is why I offer a personalised service.
  2. You will have the long term gains of having personalised professional advice. I research the area, suburb, street and especially the home you are about to purchase, I provide data and statistics to you from multiple sources across the market. It is my full-time job to know the Perth Property Market as a whole and also in regions, I identify if a neighbouring suburb would be a better buy, I also give you on the spot advice.
  3. You make money from property when you buy not at the time you sell… that means that getting advice about if one house or the other is a better buy can impact greatly on your future gains.
  4. By investing in my services now you could make greater than market gains on property, this could mean the difference of tens of thousands extra in your pocket at a future time! Just think about that for a minute….

How did I make the change from being a Selling Agent (the DARK SIDE) to Buyer’s Agent?

It took me over a year to change my thinking and around 7 months of deprogramming myself from the training and culture of being a Selling Agent and reprogramming to become a Buyer’s Agent. It is a different skill set. I spent a lot of time developing a set of services that would be of value, be useful and be of benefit to the Buyer with the goal of multi-faceted financial gains for the buyer that far outweighs my fee.

So… What about going direct to Selling Agents?

  • Put plainly – Selling Agents work for the seller
  • If you go direct they are obligated to get the highest possible price for the seller, they can NEVER (morally or legally) work in your best interest
  • Use selling agents when selling your home, use buyer agents when BUYING a home! Most Selling Agents are very good operators, they are my friends and colleagues… I recommend them – when selling!!
  • Selling Agents will introduce you to their company’s property listings and try to sell them to you first
  • If they show you other agents/company’s properties they share the fee with another agent (called a conjunctional), this works against YOU the Buyer in a number of ways:
    • If they are taking any portion of a fee from the seller, they are LEGALLY OBLIGATED to work for the seller and in your best interests, usually by pushing you to pay the highest price
    • If the listing agent of the property you are going to buy has 2 offers to present to the seller at the same time or they have a buyer that might make an offer in a day or two, and they can sell a home without sharing their commission…. How motivated will they be to push your offer to be accepted?
  • They are still in Sales Agent mode… they can not legally provide the Buyer with a service that will benefit you in the strategic game play
  • They are still limiting your choice of properties to buy to only those listed on the open market
  • They will not give you specific Buyer advice other than to get you to buy in order to make a sale, likely without advice on hotspots, consideration of future growth, advice on re-sale or a strategic plan for negotiations.
  • They will not write up an offer in your best interest. I write offers that put my Buyer in the power position. I prioritise what my Buyer hopes to gain. Often a buyer believes that the only way to gain is to make a low offer…. Sometimes this can work against you. I keep the contract documents simple and appealing to the seller which often means the seller will be willing to compromise on price, time or conditions… it is a strategy that achieves great results for my clients. However if we need to be fierce… just watch me!
  • Timing is everything! As is timing – how much time to you think a selling agent will be prepared to invest for you for a small portion of another agent’s fee?

I know Selling Agents

Much of the time Selling Agents do not understand what a Buyers Agent really does, they underestimate the impact I can have on the sale… I am a Licensed Real Estate Agent. Selling Agents share information with me that they would not normally share with a buyer. I know what questions to ask and what information to obtain. Most of the time…. The Selling Agent is quite unaware of my game plan for my Buyer. I love it when they underestimate me!

Whether buying your first home, upgrading your residence or looking for an investment property, I will save you time, stress AND money.

We are a word of mouth referral business. We appreciate you recommending our services to people you know.

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