Due Diligence

Due Diligence A Comprehensive Under The Microscope Assessment

Undertaking thorough Due Diligence for your Perth property purchase is a crucial part of the buying phase, yet it is one that many buyers overlook. When we deep dive into a property’s make up, characteristics and history, we can begin to see things more strategically and less emotionally.
What should we offer? Is this property even right for us?

These are the questions that plague buyers, keeping you in a state of analysis paralysis. When you have an independent Buyer’s Agent undertaking the right research and guiding your decisions with facts and figures, the right property at the right price becomes clearer.

Let’s Team Up If:

  • You need clarity on a particular property.
  • You’re feeling stuck in your decision making.
  • You don’t know what to offer

It’s Time To Put Your Property Under The Microscope …
Here’s What We Consider When Preparing Your Report.

  • A full Property Summary including area overview and proximity to CBD, average annual capital growth percentages for both houses and units averaged over a 10 year period, with 12 month growth and 5 year growth figures.
  • Property description, aspect and location, including type of property, style and features of the property, zoning, where it is physically located on the allotment, how the property is accessed, how many properties occupy the allotment (if held in a strata or body corporate scheme) and an opinion of street appeal and overall visual condition.
  • Demographics in the area – types of residents, owner occupier / tenant split, average weekly income of households.
  • Current median sale prices of houses and units in the suburb.
  • The unimproved capital value (UCV) of the lot / property.
  • Style of neighbouring properties and general streetscape assessment.
  • Identify possible value add opportunities.
  • Flood and Fire search with map and assessment.
  • Google search of the property and current owners.
  • Distance to amenities and transport with city estimations.
  • Vacancy rate of the suburb as a percentage and interpretation of rentability.
  • Independently assessed rental appraisal.
  • Tenancy agreements in place, identifying current and/or potential yield and rental considerations.
  • Rental yield potential.
  • School catchment zones identified.
  • Flight paths identified.
  • Identify significant events that have occurred on the property. (Eg. a recent death / major incident)
  • Body corporate (units and townhouses) disclosure with costs including 10 year Maintenance Schedule, balance of Reserve Fund, current administration and quarterly Strata Levy fees and assessment of special levies and most recent Minutes of Meeting (if available).
  • Sellers’ reason for sale and level of motivation.
  • Estimate of selling price of the property and complete Comparative Market Analysis detailing a market value range according to market conditions and recent comparative sales (identified and assessed).
  • Purchase assessment including initial offer strategy and maximum walk away purchase price.

Your report will be finalised within 48-72 hours of engagement. An inspection of the property will be carried out by Claudette at our discretion.

Our promise to you:

A dedicated, independent service that saves you precious time and takes the pressure off you.

We will always be focused on maximising your buying potential.

Transparency at every stage.
Regular communication and updates.

This Service At A Glance.

Due Diligence and Pricing Strategy is a one-off service for Buyers looking to understand more about a specific property’s market worth and buying potential.

Who is it for?

Best suited to Buyers who have already sourced a property and require additional clarity before making a purchase decision.

Professional Fee

AUD$2,750+GST payable prior to release of reports.

“Those smarts are worth paying for!”

Buyers Agent Perth Reviews

We were in the midst of putting in an offer and Claudette’s timely advice and insight helped us immensely. Buyers are under so much pressure and there are so many uncertainties, having someone, like Claudette, looking out for me definitely put my mind at ease.

Joanna L.

Claudette has many years experience in the property market and is professional whilst listening to what you want in a home or investment.

Danica L.

If you need a personable, enthusiastic, experienced and competent person to help you find a property in Perth – look no further!

Linda H.

There’s now a Buyers Agent that has the knowledge and experience to find the property you want, and save you from buyers remorse. Get in touch with Claudette Swift today and commence your journey to acquiring a property you want at a price that works for you. 

David W.

Awesome, professional, knowledgable, reliable & honest, I highly recommend Claudette as a buyers agent, she won’t let you down, and will save you time and money.

Susanna B.

For first class service , efficiency and reliability Claudette is the only person you should be considering to contact.

Merv F.

You couldn’t find a more knowledgeable person in the property business than Claudette. She really know’s the market and peoples needs, she listens to what YOU want. Don’t look any further than Claudette for complete satisfaction in your property purchase what ever your needs are.

Michelle F.

Claudette is very knowledgeable about the Perth Property Market, and we would definitely recommend her if you are looking for a Buyers Agent in Perth. She will work with you to find and get your dream home at a better price than you could get it yourself.

Sharon V.

Amazing service by Claudette, highly highly recommend.

Sandra T.

Claudette knew her stuff. Those smarts are worth paying for. Without her help I probably would’ve been sucked in to paying twenty or thirty grand more, and forever looking back realising I over-payed. I can’t recommend her services enough.

David H.

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