15 Strategic Steps to Buying Property in WA!

15 Strategic Steps to Buying Property in WA!

✓ Arrange your finance

✓ Identify your goals and set targets

✓ Set a 6 – 8 week deadline – less is better!

✓ Research your preferred areas/suburbs

✓ Research property – take care to interpret the information correctly

✓ Shortlist!

✓ Develop an inspection strategy, then inspect

✓ Identify the good resale points of each property

✓ Consider the selling agents marketing choice and develop a strategy

✓ Gather inside information

✓ Narrow it down!

✓ Research the history of the property you have selected

✓ Consider what each home is worth to you

✓ Prime the offer with strong terms and strategies in your best interests, balance them with what will be attractive to the seller

✓ Make your offer! Make it count, ensure it is your first and last offer

If you are:
1. Unsure of what to pay, or
2. Missing out on the property you want,
Don’t be disheartened, coerced or tempted to pay more!
If you get to HERE and were unsuccessful in securing a property,
don’t go through the process a 2nd time – call for help!

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