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It might look good, but is it a good buy?

Every property buyer can be their own agent, actually a buyer and seller dont even need an agent to transfer a property. Agents provide professional knowledge to reduce the risk for the parties. The benefits of appointing a Buyer’s Agent is in the guidance you gain in support of your decision making. Its the market knowledge, experience, inside information, interpretation of information and vocabulary used, strategies and industry tools that are put to use to your advantage that ensures your risk is reduced, your decisions are solid and potential gains are increased. No more throwing a dart at the board. The gains are exponential over time.

What I personally offer:

  • Knowledge of market trends, the impact of population demographics, historical data, infrastructure and legislative changes on the price of property
  • Experience buying in different market cycles
  • Ability to apply/engage different skills and strategies to ensure my buyer clients enjoy a substantial advantage
  • Skill in selecting property that is going to give good returns down the track
  • Strategizing to ensure the desired property is secured, whether through offer and acceptance or bidding at auction    
  • Analysis of statistics and data that identifies hot spots in the market and determines what a fair price is for a particular property
  • Wisdom and guidance which my clients attribute to their success
  • Fierce negotiating skills and sophistocated game plan strategies
  • Independence from any selling agent allowing access to all open market listings, private and off market property, giving my buyers more choice and better chance to find the right property!

Whether buying your first home, upgrading your residence or looking for an investment property, we save you time, stress and money.

  • Josh Baldwin

    Hi Claudette

    My wife and I are looking to take advantage of the current climate and hoping to buy our first property at a great price.
    We’ve recently moved to Perth and looking for someone with extensive knowledge of the area to help us find a great home and investment.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Josh Baldwin

    April 19, 2020
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