Claudette Swift is a Licensed Real Estate Agent with over 15 years’ experience in Real Estate, Property and Development.

Starting out as a successful Business Manager of a local Building Company, in her spare time she developed, bought and sold a number of properties before the age of 24. Heading up the building company she expanded into the established homes market, development and finance broking. As an innovator she took the company to new heights and established it as a market leader. It was around this time that what had been an interest since a young girl came to be and she entered Real Estate.

Many years on and Real Estate has been Claudette’s chosen life-time career – selling property, Residential and Commercial Management, as a Department Manager, Business Owner, Franchisee, Franchisor, State Manager for one of the world’s largest franchise brands, State BDM and now transitioned to being an Independent Buyer’s Agent.

Next after her two teen aged children, Claudette’s passion is property. “I enjoy making a difference in my client’s lives and knowing I’m involved in changes revolving around their major life decisions that bring them closer to their life goals. I enjoy drawing upon my many years of experience to provide help and expertise to my clients. With my extensive knowledge and unique expertise on their side my client’s enjoy my years of experience wrapped in my genuine approach to effective property ownership, whether it be to live in their dream home or build wealth through investment.”

Claudette is very fortunate to have many friends in the industry, she naturally built good relationships with colleagues over the years. This enables her to have access to details and information not frequently shared with the Buyer when they deal direct with the Selling Agent.  Claudette has helped many clients, friends, colleagues and family members to build their personal property portfolio as well as achieve their career aspirations within our industry.

Claudette understands the value of guidance, persistence, strategy and negotiation skills; qualities often found lacking in many of CSBA clients’ prior real estate experiences. Many CSBA clients are discerning business people who recognise what quality service involves, and a high benchmark when they see it.

After many years as a Selling Agent Claudette recognised that the lack of trust and discontent of many clients resulted from the lack of service and consideration for the Buyer over the Seller. Perth has very few true Buyer’s Agents, that is, those that do not act as Selling Agent’s as well, and even fewer do it well! Our 2 most important points of difference are being a knowledgable and trusted advisor in all stages of the property ownership cycle and our exclusive dedication to the BUYING process. Selling Agents are highly trained to work in the best interests of the seller, there are whole teams with huge marketing budgets geared toward inducing the buyer to pay the highest possible price. Even if a Buyer has completed a couple of property transactions they are no match for a trained highly skilled Selling Agent pressuring in the interests of the opposing party. When desire is created and pressure is applied to pay a premium or miss out, it leaves an intangible feeling of mistrust.

We are dedicated to helping CSBA clients navigate the property market and to provide the tools and advice you need to make a better BUYING decision.

Our service is the counter-balance, we ensure our CSBA clients have the edge over other buyers. By sourcing property from all areas of the market, ensuring fair negotiations, monitoring finance, inspections, repairs/maintenance, settlement and providing a second to none after-sales service and care for Buyers we neutralise the Seller’s advantage.

Buyers engage CSBA for varying reasons, motivation can come from needing support and advice or wanting to ensure astute negotiations (they want the benefit of having a fierce negotiator on their side!) making certain they pay a fair or better than market price; perhaps the aim is for a guaranteed outcome (secure the property they want at all costs!) to have the definite advantage to secure the property at all costs over other buyers; the challenge may be to affect a quick transaction or overcome ROI concerns. We  acting for the Buyer who just doesn’t have the time to match their property aspirations, absentee interstate and international investors who recognise Perth’s affordability and lifestyle offerings but want a professional, knowlegeable and attentive guide to assist them into the market… whatever the Buyers goal. CSBA offers a personalised, highly adaptive strategy.

Currently there are Buyers in WA who purchased five-10 years prior without a Buyer’s Agent on their side that are now taking a loss or little capital growth, there are a lot of owner-occupiers who are choosing to upgrade in the same market therefore cancelling it out in the purchase of their next property. There are well practised, fundamental strategies and techniques that enable us to move the pieces into place, to achieve the right result for our CSBA clients.

Claudette grew up in WA, she lives in Perth’s Western Suburbs, her children attend a local private high school. “I have always maintained that Western Australia is one of the world’s best kept secrets.  Every time I travel and land back in Perth the more it convinces me of this.”

As local, experienced property professionals, we are highly qualified to assist you whether you are looking for a High End Prestige Property, to add an investment to your portfolio or find your next home. We will listen and ask questions, identify what you are looking for and where it is going to deliver to your criteria, then prepare a customised strategy, research the selected area, work with you to shortlist what you want to buy, arrange inspections, negotiate price and terms on your behalf, guide you through the finance and settlement process (even booking all affiliate services on your behalf if desired) following through to ownership and beyond.

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