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“At CSBA we save you much more than any fee we could ever charge and put you in a position to make the best exponential gains.

We work with home buyers and investors who want to have confidence in their decision making by developing a strategy to leverage their money and financial resources through property ownership. We save them in price, risk and time. We empower them with research, knowledge and clarity. We protect the Buyer’s interests every step of the way. The results of our service to our clients are ownership of a better quality property with greater gains.

By seeking advice from CSBA prior to buying property, our clients are positioned to make exponential financial gains that will continue to grow over time.” 

Claudette Swift

The team at CSBA see the
transaction from the other side, we understand the
BUYER and the problems they face.

We reduce the risk of making a mistake, paying too much and feeling the pain down the track. Our knowledge, experience and professional advice provide our clients with confidence they are making the right choice.

Everyone thinks they know enough so it won’t happen to them!  You have heard the stories, you know someone who lost.

Buyers put their hard earned money down as deposit, take on the risk of a mortgage and ownership of someone else’s house.

It is a major finance decision, Buyers need the assistance of a professional adviser! Our clients make more informed decisions WITH clarity, WITHOUT emotion.

We help with better property decisions, understanding the market, having someone you can trust that is on your side and strong or strategic negotiations.
CSBA is a TRUSTED source for anyone wanting to
buy property in WA.
CSBA is independent of any commissions from sellers, fees from real estate agents, developers or other property service.
We provide specialist buyer focused advice,
greater choice, minimise risk and $$$ savings.

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We are a Buyer’s Agent finding the HOME YOU WANT at the PRICE it is WORTH TO YOU!

We are Licensed Real Estate Agents that understand the Buyer. After many years watching buyers deal direct with Selling Agents, being coerced into buying property with little or no potential and paying way too much… Claudette decided to act – for the Buyer!

We understand the process and the psychology of the seller team, we put our insider knowledge to our Buyer’s advantage. We prime our clients so their offer is highly desirable to the seller, we negotiate well so they never over-pay we have 25 STRATEGIC STEPS that we put into play that increase the chances of SUCCESS FOR OUR BUYERS.

We protect the Buyer and work in their best interests every step of the way.

We are independent, we are not linked to any seller or developer and we don’t list property, we will never work for a seller – ever. We are not motivated to push the price up or promote any particular property, we have access to all property on the open market, private for sale and silent listings. Our clients have more choices to select a good property from!

We have developed strategies to counteract Selling Agent’s strategies. After interpreting the statistics and data, we strategise to ensure our buyer is in the power position, we never bend to manipulations and we “strategically” bypass techniques that push the price up. Yet because we are good at what we do, Sellers and Selling Agent’s love us!

We minimise risk for the Buyer, source and research property, find the right one, then prime the offer and negotiate well, so our Buyer secures the property they want and has an increased ability to make exponential future gains.

We are a word of mouth referral business. We appreciate you recommending our services to people you know.  

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